Volvo LMP1

I was asked by Daniel from f1bloggen ( to make a lmp1 volvo polestar.  I didn’t have time to make a lmp1 from scratch, so together with my new teammate Luis Lara ( we modified lightly the Divinighty LMP1 and changed completely the livery. The result is quite nice, considering it was made against the clock!

Hope you enjoy it!


PD: feel free to use them, but please give us the credit we deserve! Thanks!


Jaguar LMP1

Here you go! greatly inspired by 1980 jaguars!

More renders

Más renders del Aston Martin. Sin pasarlos por postproducción de phtosohop, porque voy corto de tiempo! aun así, espero que os guste!

More Aston Martin renders. No post processing, running short on time!
Anyway, hope you like it!dvava dwad,.jhkghjkjg dwad 1b 2 5 adawdawdaw dawdwadaw